Monday, June 3, 2013

Here is an article from a new friend of mine, John O'Connor, who has been writing health articles for awhile now on his blog. He is very passionate about hearing loss as it has affected his family growing up. Enjoy reading...

Don’t Let Hearing Problems Stop Your Child

Your child's auditory functions are important. If you know the signs of hearing loss, you can get your child the help they need as soon as possible. A child might be suffering from some form of hearing loss if they don’t seem to feel startled at the sound of loud noises. If they’re not turning toward the source of sound after 6 months of age or saying small words by the time they’re a year old, it’s normal to feel concerned. If your baby sees you within their field of vision, but doesn’t turn toward you when you call out his or her name, this may also be a cause for concern.

For older children, you might recognize different symptoms. It might be taking longer than usual for your child to develop their speech or their words may not sound very clear when they say them. Not following directions may be seen as deliberately disobeying an adult when in reality they simply can’t hear their request. You might find your child asking you to repeat what you said during a conversation and turning the volume up during a movie or television show.

There are a few ways that a child can develop hearing loss.  Hearing loss can be attributed from abnormalities in the ear structure (inner & middle ear) prior to birth.  Hearing loss can also develop because of a head injury, serious infection or repeated exposure to extremely loud sounds.  It’s possible to have damaged hearing from overuse of prescription medication and cancer-related drugs.  It’s very rare that permanent hearing loss can arise due to an ear infection, but it is a possibility. Treatments for hearing loss include a variety of operations, medicines and listening aids.

It isn’t easy having a hearing impairment. Children can feel bullied in school and teased for their hearing loss. Despite the hardships that come with a hearing disability, a person can overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Basketball player Tamika Catchings was born with a hearing impairment. Inside the classroom, her peers would make fun of her hearing aids. When she began playing basketball, she worked harder than her classmates and always was in the gym striving to get better. She went on to become an Olympic winning athlete. Inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison, also suffered from a hearing impairment. Although many saw it as a disability, Edison saw it as a gift. It allowed him to concentrate on his experiments, and he went on to discover some of the greatest modern inventions.

EarQ has launched a campaign called “HearStrong Champions.”  EarQ who is a nationwide supplier of hearing aids hopes to showcase strong individuals who are flourishing despite their hearing loss. Their stories are meant to inspire those with hearing loss to get the help they need to live the life they want.
Hearing loss is a sense that is often taken for granted until it is gone.  Many people when thinking of hearing loss often think only of adults and elders.  As parents we must always remember that hearing loss can affect anyone even children and it is our job to make sure we are continually getting our children’s hearing checked.  With the right knowledge and support anything is possible!

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