Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday on 5/29/2013, I went for my fourth mapping and it wasn't the best experience but I put my trust into my audiologist in making the sounds more suitable for my hearing needs! On the way home after two hours of the appointment, I felt like I was back at square one hearing things when I first started with my implant. However, TODAY was much better and I shared this post from my FB page:

I am on CLOUD 9 with this NEW MAPPING...and yesterday, I thought I was going to HATE IT!!! So I was sitting on the bed listening to "High School Musical" with my daughter listening ONLY through my implant. I heard the following on the movie: the basketball bouncing, the crowd roaring and laughing, and the piano playing. Then the movie was over and I thought, well, maybe my daughter had the volume up too loud (seemed like it was very loud--like on bar #4 of the volume control). So I went to lower the volume--it was on BAR #2, where I NORMALLY HEAR the volume with my hearing aid!!! I AM HEARING AMAZING THINGS now...this is AWESOME!! The words are coming in more understandably as long as I am reading the captions! Now I am STARTING to BELIEVE my CI friends that it's going to continue to get better!! Yay!!!

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