Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well, its been ALMOST TWO WEEKS since I last blogged on here!!

Wow! Tomorrow will be the first day of February and in just 12 days, my life will change FOREVER...mixed emotions going through my mind! Amazing NEW ADVENTURES will be here shortly before I even know it...

Recap of this past week: 

Both of my daughters ended up with strep throat--out for two days with them and in the midst of all of this, I had time to reflect and prepare for my next two weeks and contacted my audiologists to make sure about my upcoming appointments for the pre-op. Apparently, I won't be seeing them at my pre-op (BUMMER!); however, they asked me to complete my Neptune Processor form. So what is the NEPTUNE processor...this AMAZING LISTENING DEVICE is WATERPROOF!!! Yes, Advanced Bionics (the proud owners of this type of cochlear implant) has designed the NEPTUNE processor to be worn off the ear (meaning there is NO behind-the-ear device); so basically, I'll have a magnet attached to the internal piece on the side of my head and a long cord (depends on what link you get) connected to the "mini processor" that can be worn on a clip or an armband. One of the reason I chose this processor is because our family does a lot of water activities in the spring/summer and its irritating that I can't hear when I am in the water with my family. I have to CONSTANTLY LIPREAD to understand what they are saying (b/c I cannot wear my hearing aid) or having them YELL at me in the water to get my attention. So with the new AquaMic connecting to the "water processor," I'll be able to swim, splash water, and hold conversations with them!!!

While reviewing the application, I had countless decision-making problems....couldn't DECIDE on color options for the cords. Originally, I wanted to separate the UHP cord colors from the AquaMic, so I wouldn't get confused. However, after talking with several other Neptune clients, it turns out that AB has done an amazing job to design the cord connectors differently. Therefore, if I accidentally plugged in the AquaMic with my UHP cap, it won't work!! So ultimately I decided to with white cords for all of the connectors!! Yay!

Another thing is that ALL MY LIFE, I have worn the light tan/beige colored hearing aids with clear earmolds and since I work with kids who have hearing disability and wear CIs or HAs....why not go with BRIGHT, BOLD colors---its who I am--the FUN-LOVING, OUTGOING GIRL...I don't care what others have to say! If they're aren't walking in my shoes and understanding what I go through...then so be it!!! I am STEPPING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX...and hoping that I can share my stories with many others who are making these LIFETIME DECISIONS!!

So this morning, I OFFICIALLY FAXED my application and the NEXT STEP is Pre-Op Day, then 2 days later is SURGERY DAY!  Happy EARLY Valentine's Day to me!!!

Stay tuned for the NEXT EPISODE...

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  1. Does that mean you're going to be worth $6 million? ;)